Koupit Slevu Ulle Ulle Original Černá Melange Černá Obuv 2020 Černá, Šedá - Unisex Ulle Sandály & Nazouváky

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Pánská, Dámská


Sandály & Nazouváky


Černá, Šedá



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Ulle Original Černá Melange

Ulle Original Černá Melange is a gorgeous slipper made with genuine wool. The slippers can be used throughout the entire year and thanks to wool’s natural properties your feet will stay warm and dry no matter the temperature. Ulle is a popular brand that makes comfortable slippers to make your feet feel great.

Good ventilation

Wool has many features that make them a great material for slippers. Ulle Original Černá Melange are great for wicking away moisture thanks to the wool, which is also antibacterial. It also has a high amount of ventilation that means your feet will always be the perfect temperature.

The best way to start your day

Start your day in the best way possible by putting on a pair of Ulle Original Černá Melange. The slippers are incredibly soft and due to their ergonomic build the arch of your feet will stay comfortable. To prevent from slipping the sole is dipped in natural latex.

Not much care

Sheep's wool slippers like the Ulle Original Černá Melange are easy to take care of. It is easy enough to let them air out in room temperature to keep them smelling fresh. Due to their natural antibacterial properties they will stay clean without any extra work.Show more.Show less.

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