Koupit Slevu Superfit Culusuk Gore-Tex® 5-00162-07 Stone Multi Šedá Obuv 2020 Šedá - Dětská Superfit Boty

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Area of use:

Varmfodrat , Vattentät







Outer material:

Gore-Tex, Leather, Textile


Rubber, Synthetic

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Superfit Culusuk Gore-Tex 5-00162-07 Stone Multi

These winter boots for kids from Superfit are a great pair that have multiple different qualities that elevate them above the competition. They are extremely warm and comfortable, guaranteeing that your kids will be able to play in the snow for hours on end. Additionally, they are waterproof, making sure that their feet will stay dry. In addition to all of this, these boots are also highly breathable so that your children's feet won’t get sweaty from all of the running around.

A breathable and warm material

These kids boots are made of only high quality Gore-Tex, leather and fabric, ensuring that they have a sturdy design. Gore-Tex is perfect for winter boots because it is a material that has become an industry leader in providing waterproof protection to an assortment of clothing while also remaining breathable. With Gore-Tex you never have to worry about your kids feet getting wet either from the snow or from sweat as it makes sure to keep them dry while also not getting too hot.

Great shoes for everything

These shoes are dark in color which makes them a great fit to match with an assortment of different winter clothes. The boots have a great design with multiple great features to beat out the competition. One of these is the reflectors on both the front and back so that you can walk your dog at night and not have to worry about passing cars not being able to see your kids in the low light. Also, to make it as easy as possible to take on and off, these boots have two straps for a simple way for kids to be able to do it themselves.

How to clean the boots

A major benefit of these boots from Superfit is how easy they are to clean. All you need to do is use a solution of warm soapy water and a clean wash cloth to rub out any stains that may have come up from mud or snow. You can use this same solution to remove any salt lines that are commonplace during the winter months. Once you are finished getting rid of any stains it is best to let your shoes dry in a warm and dry place inside your house to get the best results.Show more.Show less.

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