Koupit Slevu Shepherd Lina Antique Cognac Hnědá Obuv 2020 Hnědá - Dámská Shepherd Sandály & Nazouváky

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Shepherd Lina Antique Cognac

A great way to ensure that your feet are always warm and cosy is to get yourself a pair of Shepherd slippers. You will love them because not only do they protect your feet from cold, hard floors they also look very nice. Shepherd Lina Antique Cognac are made of genuine suede and they have a warm inner lining of soft sheep wool that makes them look very fluffy and comfy.

The ultimate slipper material

Sheep wool is probably the best material to go for when picking out a pair of slippers. The reason for this is all its amazing qualities. One is that wool is very warm but at the same time moisture absorbing which means it won’t get your feet sweaty. Sweat is not something we want to walk around in and it can also lead to smell therefore Shepherd Lina is a wonderful way to avoid this.

The best choice for your feet

These slippers have a very lovely cognac colour which is discreet enough to wear both at home and at work. They feel amazing to walk around in without socks on since they are so fluffy and soft, but if you want to keep them on that’s fine too. You will be comfortable no matter what you choose.

Easy to care for

Shepherd of Sweden always delivers amazing slippers of high quality and the best thing about Lina Antique Cognac is that they don’t need much care. Air them out every now and then to keep them fresh and if you need to, you can wash them with a mild soap solution and let them dry thoroughly afterwards.Show more.Show less.

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