Koupit Slevu Rieker 44253-00 Černá Černá Obuv 2020 Černá - Dámská Rieker High boots & Botyies

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High boots & Botyies





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Rieker 44253-00 Černá

The German brand Rieker manufactures comfortable shoes that you can wear all day without feeling the need to take them off because your feet are getting tired. These low black boots have a very sleek design with clever details and they are made of leather.

A good sole for a comfortable walk

The slope of the sole is important in a shoe because it needs to provide good support for your feet to avoid sore calves and to provide a comfortable step. These shoes have strong inclination on the sole and the shoes are also slightly wider to leave a good amount of room for your feet. As the shoes are made of leather which is a natural material they will adapt to your feet more and more over time and become even more comfortable to walk in.

Always look good

These shoes will look good with many different outfits. You can wear them with your everyday jeans and a nice jacket or put on a pair of stylish trousers and a cute top. They are perfect when going shopping, sightseeing or just strolling around a park enjoying the surroundings.

General advice around care

These are leather shoes which is why it’s important to nourish them occasionally with a shoe cream or dubbin if you want them to keep looking as nice as possible. You can also use an impregnating spray before first use to add a protective layer that will repel dirt and moisture.Show more.Show less.

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