Koupit Slevu Kavat Rullsand Ep Dark Hnědá Hnědá Obuv 2020 Hnědá - Dětská Kavat Sandály & Nazouváky

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Kavat Rullsand EP Dark Hnědá

Kavat produces children’s shoes with great materials, good durability and nice designs. It is a Swedish company that has been around for many years and this brand is known for its excellent shoes for children. Kavat Rullsand is a great sandal which is perfect for summer time. These sandals have good support in all the right places which is great for children as they haven’t developed all their muscles quite yet. They are easy to put on thanks to a large Velcro strap and come in a nice dark brown colour with white seams holding the shoes together. The shoes also have a newly developed sole which is more flexible to provide more comfort.

Organic leather with great qualities

Kavat is a brand that is environmentally conscious and makes sure to follow certain rules when it comes to quality and comfort. Kavat Rullsand is a shoe model made of Eco Performance leather which means that it is water repellent and free from chromium and other harmful substances. The newly developed insole is very comfortable and ensures that your kids can play around outside all day without a problem. This is a fabulous shoe with a unique appearance and the leather ages nicely as the years go by and will give the shoe an even more stylish look.

Perfect for the summer

If your children love playing outdoors and need shoes that will fit nicely and stay comfortable all day long, a pair of Kavat Rullsand is the perfect choice. They have a dark brown colour that will fit with many nice outfits. Your children can wear these shoes to the playground, but also for a special occasion such as a birthday party or baptism. If they are meant more for casual wear you can dress your children in comfortable clothing so that they can move around easily while having fun and playing outside.

Dětská's shoes that are easy to take care of

Kavat Rullsand are made of organic EP leather and if you want to keep their great qualities you need to make sure to provide some extra care, unlike the XC leather from Kavat. If the shoes get dirty or stained you can wipe this off with a damp cloth and use a colourless wax to keep the leather soft and strong. The best way to let them dry after cleaning is to leave them to dry in room temperature weather and avoid direct sunlight or the heat from a radiator as this could damage the leather.Show more.Show less.

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