Koupit Slevu Kavat Blinka TX Černá Černá Obuv 2020 Černá - Dětská Kavat Plochés

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Kavat Blinka TX Černá

The Kavat Wink TX Černá is a wonderful ballet shoe made with black fabric and they are the perfect fit for active kids that are looking to have a bit of nicer look. Kavat is a Swedish company that over the years has been producing high quality shoes for kids and adults. The shoes are known for their quality fit, great materials and clean, Scandinavian design.

Stable, nice shoes

The Kavat Wink TX Černá are a pair of ballet shoes with a decorative strap and cute bow. The shoes are made of a black fabric that is almost reminiscent of suede or velvet. The nice strap is polished along with the bow for a great look. The shoe has a solid rubber sole providing a solid grip.

Classy looking shoes!

The super-cute Kavat Wink TX Černá shoes are perfect for all fun kid’s parties and any special occasions. Along with a nice pair of pants, skirt or dress, these shoes will really come into their own. With the stable rubber sole your kid will be able to dance and have fun all day!

How to keep your shoes looking great

Dress shoes such as these look their best when they have a clean, fresh appearance. Make sure the fabric has the best look by using a brush to keep them up to snuff. Also, if you get any stains on them, you can rub them out with a damp cloth.Show more.Show less.

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