Koupit Slevu Crocs Jayna Černá Černá Obuv 2020 Černá - Unisex Crocs Sandály & Nazouváky

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Crocs Jayna Černá

Crocs is a very special brand that produces soft and unique shoes for all genders and ages. Most people have probably heard about Crocs at one point in their life and it’s probably either thanks to its comfortable fit and durable material or because of the design. Crocs Jayna Černá are just as soft and comfy as the original shoes but they have a completely different look. Jayna are ballet shoes and very easy to put on. They have a tighter fit than the original shoe but they have the same shock absorption. These shoes look great with a casual, relaxed style and the stylish black colour will match anything.

Croslite - comfort and softness

Crocs Jayna Černá are made of the unique material called Croslite just like the original Crocs shoes. This material is the secret behind their super comfortable fit and this material has many other good qualities as well. It is easy to clean and it also has very soft cushioning which makes these shoes very different from other common ballet shoes. Unlike other models you can walk around in these all day long without your feet getting tired.

Sleek and slim design

These shoes are very popular among women because of their sleek and slim design combined with unbeatable comfort and shock absorption. You can wear these shoes for many different kinds of activities and they are easy to style with a variety of outfit and clothing styles. You can wear them in the summer with a lovely dress or a short skirt. You can also put on some denim shorts and try out different shirts and colours until you find what you are most comfortable wearing.

No maintenance

Crocs are incredibly easy to care for since they are only made from one single piece of Croslite and this means that you can easily wash them off. As they are made entirely of rubber, water won’t cause any damage and is pretty much all you need to clean them. Don’t leave these shoes directly in the sun or heat because this can change their shape or cause the black colour to fade.Show more.Show less.

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