Koupit Slevu Bugatti 06D08621 Černá Obuv 2020 Černá - Pánská Bugatti Trainers & Sportovní Obuv

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Bugatti 06D08621

Bugatti is a shoe brand that focuses on European design that provides an urban feel while playing with the tones of the jetsetting lifestyle. With the perfect fit made of high quality materials, great craftsmanship and trendy designs, they are perfect for an international style.

Durable materials

The top of these shoes are made with high quality leather. As leather is a natural material it is both strong and malleable that will allow you to have a fit that will be just as good as a new set of gloves.

International style with sport influences

These shoes will remind users of Europe’s race tracks and sporting lifestyle when worn. They fit perfectly for those who prefer a casual look while also looking at the top fashion trends. Pair these with jeans or a pair of leather pants and you will look great.

Proper care for your shoes

Leather is a natural material that benefits from regular care to stay smooth and soft. A first tip to ensure this is to impregnate your shoes before wearing them and then you can continue to do so to ensure that they always have the best protection available. You should also use shoe polish on the shoes to ensure they do not get any cracks on them.Show more.Show less.

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