Koupit Slevu Bagheera Magic Černá/Lime Černá Obuv 2020 Černá, Žlutá - Dětská Bagheera Trainers & Sportovní Obuv

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Indoor sports


Trainers & Sportovní Obuv


Černá, Žlutá



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Bagheera Magic Černá/Lime

If you need a pair of stylish, affordable and useful trainers for indoor use then look no further than Bagheera Magic. These shoes are made to be associated with lightning speed and give you a good grip on the floor. When you are looking to get a pair with a stylish design that will hold up it is the Bagheera you want.

Great shoes for many activities

When playing indoor sports you will need special shoes. It is important to have the right shoes as regular soles can damage and discolour the flooring. You also need shoes that give you as good of a grip as possible. This way you will be able to run and cut faster than anyone else on the court.

Functional shoes with a tough design

Bagheera stands out with its numerous small and clever details. These shoes are meant to be able to quickly be tied up letting you get on the court as soon as possible. The heel is reinforced to give you better support. The sides of the shoe are reinforced with rubber which may give you a better grip when you need it.

Care instructions for sport shoes

Just as with many other types of shoes these will require a little care and cleaning. You can clean the shoes by using a warm soapy water solution. You should also avoid washing the soles as this can create a loss of traction that will set you back.Show more.Show less.

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